Nanook Nook

Raven flying. Artwork done by Sharece Randrup.

Poems by Airica Parker
Artwork by Sharece Randrup


Fireworks bloom asters
among dandelion coronets.
Reflections blossom
in a pond.
Without creating ripples,
petals burst and shed.
In both fields,
in both skies,
stars remain
as still as summits
as if other worlds
are beginning
to sprout
into this one
like stalactites
and stalagmites.

The apex
of your heart
is the lowest point
of the muscle.
If aligned
with clenched fist,
it will match
exposed palm,
the part unable to close.

Along ribbon of middle ground,
between meadow and mountain,
pines grow low. Snow glints,
reflects. Sky
opens. Opens blue, blue
like a belly of a whale
who swallowed a sea.
Snow, sky
roofs each blade of grass,
furs each needle of pine,
curves pines
into ribs for the whale,
collides horizon
into endlessness.

Broken Bits

I scream

and am answered by caws.

Here in this world
where only ice moves,

she flies below cloud cover
like a bow that has outgrown string.

knows herself too well to pity me.

She swallows my scream
like a journey:

A tornado without a mask
dances around a fire.

Broken bits sail
into night as charcoal,

like pieces of a room returning.

Airica Parker portraitAirica Parker, ’11, graduated from UAF with an MFA and now makes her home in Colorado. Her poems have appeared in CALYX Journal, The Fiddlehead, Lalitamba and Skidrow Penthouse. The Poetry Foundation selected her as a 2011 finalist for a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. Learn more at
Sharece Randrup is a senior at UAF majoring in accounting. She looks forward to graduating and earning her CPA in Alaska.


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