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I have a bully in my department and don’t know what to do. I don’t feel I can go to HR because our department is so small that it’s impossible to remain anonymous.


From Brad Lobland, UAF Human Resources director

I would encourage you to talk with me, your supervisor’s supervisor or your HR consultant about your situation.

You may also find the Employee Assistance Program of value.

To increase awareness of bullying, UAF is rolling out a training for supervisors, which is designed to help supervisors recognize, stop and report bullying behaviors in a constructive manner. All supervisors will be required to take the training by June 30, 2015.



Why does the chancellor have a reserved spot in the visitor parking lot in front of the registrar’s office? I thought I had found a place to park, but when I pulled in, there was a “Reserved for Chancellor” bag over the meter. There are so few visitor parking spots as it is, so I find this to be ridiculous!

I know I can park in a far away lot and take a shuttle, but when I only need to pick up a transcript, it shouldn’t take me an hour!


From Debby Queen, UAF Chancellor’s Office

I can understand your frustration.

The Chancellor’s Office has a reserved parking bag that is occasionally used to reserve a spot for visitors. On this particular day, the space was reserved for an international delegation visiting Fairbanks. They were unfamiliar with the campus and unaccustomed to the weather, so the Chancellor’s Office staff opted to reserve a spot to help them feel welcome and get to their meeting safely.

The chancellor does not have reserved parking on campus. He purchases a parking pass.

If you have questions about parking in the future, please feel free to call 474-PARK(7275) before heading up to campus. The staff there will be able to direct you to the most convenient parking for your particular needs.There are multiple lots close to the campus core for visitors who need to park for just a few minutes. In addition to the metered parking in Signers’ and North Bunnell, the lot in South Bunnell has metered lots with 20 minute increments. Check the campus map for more information.


- W-2 forms available


When are the W2’s going to be available online? Most of my friends and family have already received theirs weeks ago.


Good timing. Statewide Human Resources sent out the following email this afternoon.

*2014 W-2 Available in UAOnline*UA employees may now view and print an online version of their 2014 W-2 in UAOnline <https://uaonline.alaska.edu/>. The online form can be printed and submitted to the IRS. For detailed information, please refer to www.alaska.edu/hr/hr-procedures/employee-procedures/tax-forms/w2online.xml.

For additional information about your W-2 and contacts for tax forms issued by the University of Alaska, refer to the Tax Information links at www.alaska.edu/hr/hr-procedures/employee-procedures/tax-forms/.

*A printed 2014 W-2 form will also be mailed (postmarked) to employees by Jan. 31, 2015. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery via the U.S. Postal Service.*


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