Ari Hest returns to Fairbanks

Ari Hest
Photo by Shervin Lainez
Ari Hest

Charu Uppal

Fairbanks didn’t know what to expect when Ari Hest opened for the Judy Collins concert in the summer of 2013, but his stage presence and mellifluous voice created an instant connection. On June 6, Hest will return to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Davis Concert Hall for an encore performance. Tickets are available now via UAF Summer Sessions at 474-7021.

Hest is an American singer-songwriter. Born in the Bronx, New York City, Hest considers himself a self-taught musician. He began writing songs for the guitar in his mid-teens. His music has evolved over the years toward songs of sadness and resignation. Hest’s introspection enhances his poetry and lends poignancy to his melodies.

Hest’s music has been featured on numerous television shows, including “Private Practice,” “Army Wives” and “One Tree Hill.” Recently, Hest’s song “The Landlord” appeared in an episode of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” He’s also scored a film called “Dreamriders,” which won several independent film awards.

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